Thank God Dr. Jen told me about helping me with hypnosis on my medical exam. Not only did I pass the exam but I also got one of the highest scores in my whole graduating class. ~Tish, Gilbert, AZ

Releasing my fears has given me a whole new outlook on life. Thank you for showing me how to live in the moment! ~Frank, Phoenix, AZ

My mother and I actually have a relationship since you worked with us! We actually communicate with one another and laugh together. ~Maria, Mesa, AZ

Your intuition of knowing what I need to do totally blows me away! When I come to see you when I have a problem, you have the greatest solutions. What a channel! ~Reed, Tempe, AZ

My PTSD was debilitating until you helped me walk through it with your loving kindness. Since we have worked together, I actually communicate with people again! ~Toney, Sedona, AZ

Since I have been doing work with you, I have had so many more doors open to direct and write new movies! ~Kevin, Beverly Hills, CA

I just wanted to thank you for being part of my cancer disappearing! I know your stress reduction and healing energy played a huge part in my being cleared of the cancer. ~Catherine, Scottsdale, AZ

Thank You Dr. Jeannine for helping my son from feeling helpless and completely frustrated in school! You helped him with his anxieties and stress about school, then helped him find his gifts that won him the City of Tempe Geography Championship! With your hypnosis & coaching he is now at the top of his class in many subjects! He is no longer a victim of his learning disabilities. ~Debra, Tempe, AZ

I am amazed how in the last 6 months you have helped me lose 60 pounds. When I get my Star Bucks in the morning I never feel the urge to buy a pastries any more. I actually find myself eating half as much food as I used to eat. It’s amazing I can actual taste the food when I am eating. You have changed my life forever! ~Candy, Scottsdale, AZ

I am so grateful my friend Cindy referred me to you or I would still be bagging groceries instead of living my dream of playing Major League Baseball. I know the good Lord brought you in my life. I will never forget your help! God Bless! ~Stan, Paradise Valley, AZ

Thanks again with helping me pass the California Bar. It was empowering how relaxed and confident I felt. I was completely in charge of the exam. My anxiety level was like nothing compared to when I took the Idaho Bar. ~Jim, Sun Valley, ID

I can’t begin to tell you the shifts and changes I have seen in my life since I started working with Jeannine. From releasing limiting beliefs to working with my DNA, the shifts have been phenomenal! I have even added hypnotherapy to my list of tools in my private practice after extensive training all due to the results I received with Jeannine. Thank you Jeannine!!!! ~Maria, Houma, LA

I have Reiki level II training and have found Reiki to be invaluable to me and my family. ~Michelle, Phoenix, AZ

Your Regression Therapy was just what I need to let go of my limiting believes that had been holding me back for so long. I can’t believe how effective your process is. I feel like you took chains of my body! ~Susan, Long Beach, CA