Transformational Client Sessions

What is unknown can harm you as the old saying goes. Is Awareness everything as it has been translated from the ancient Vedic writings. Being that the unknown is one of the biggest fears, some would say change is the ego’s biggest fear. I believe that fear is actually the fuel ego feeds on. Fear of some degree compels us to comfort ourselves with many types of distractions. Such as smoking, excessive eating, drinking, shopping, sex, working out etc. Leaving us “In the Dark” as to what the fear is about, hiding it in the unconscious mind. It has been said fear is egos way of convincing us we need it to be in charge.

A lot of people have a concern of losing control, which can be a cause of panic and anxiety. This could be linked to having lost control of their ego and mind. The mind and ego are tools for you to use, not be used by, as one of my mentors proclaims. Now I believe we need some amount of ego and fear to function in this world, they are our guidance and personality. The problem is that while the access to your fears is blocked, the ego stays in control. With A Limitless Life Sessions you regain control, putting you back in the driver’s seat as they say. The fears that are hidden for safe keeping are usually based in childhood.

As we all know the things that create fear in our childhood are usually of no concern as adults. Yet the subconscious holds the events with the same energy as when they actually occurred. That part of us is trying to keep us safe, yet in an illogical way. The great thing about A Limitless Life Sessions is you are guided by an experienced hypnotherapist to those places you have not visited. Sort of like a travel guide to an unfamiliar place. There as your experienced adult mind revisits those past events, it is able to cancel out the control it has over your life. That is why it is important to have an experienced hypnotherapist who can energetically hold your hand through it all, encouraging and supporting you in creating your own healing. This is true self empowerment to be the instrument of your own healing through RSFM or A Limitless Life Sessions.

RSFM - Rapid Solution Focused Method, developed by Jeannine, has been successful in smoking cessation, weight loss, anxiety, panic, ADD / ADHD, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, immune system enhancement, reducing stress, chronic pain, Tic disorders, OCD, depression, sadness, anger management, focus, test/board/bar exam, relationship/soulmate, sexual dysfunction, as well as many other conditions and concerns. Some conditions may need a physician referral.

Oh, and reported side effects of A Limitless Life Sessions...A feeling of deep relaxation, inner peace, calm, bliss, happiness, passion. What are you waiting for? Contact A Limitless Life today! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.