A Limitless Life Playshops

Jeannine Marzella coined Playshops because of their interactive quality. The Playshops attendees experience an informative, entertaining and usually life changing session. Get ready to laugh, cry, share with others in a guided, friendly professional environment. In some of the Playshops, profiles, tests, and or written materials are provided. Jeannine has facilitated these Playshops for small public groups and for large organizations.

These are truly Mind and Heart opening experiences.

A sampling of the A Limitless Life Playshops:

Love Personality

  • What is your type, what type interacts best with you?
  • Learn your Love language and the secret communication that stimulates your desires and passions.
  • Includes Love Profile.

Healing The Inner Child - Guided Forgiveness

  • A Guided Imagery experience to safely explore and heal our wounds, sense of betrayal, and become whole again.

I’m So Angry I could Cry!!

  • What our anger, tears, frustration, passion are saying. The message behind the emotions.

Heart Communication - Language of the soul

  • How to express your needs, feelings, desires and be heard.
  • Techniques, information, language and interaction.


  • What are these things called chakras?
  • How do I know if they are out of balance and how do I create harmony within?

Discussion, information and exercises. Some participants may receive personal balancing by Jeannine.